Byerley Park Hi5 Champions

netbaOur Hi5 Netball Final took place this morning at Greenfield Community College, with the top 6 schools progressing through from the netball festivals to compete for a place in the School Games Final! We knew the competition was going to be really close as all teams played great quality netball. Therefore, we had to have some great leaders from Greenfield to help us umpire and make sure everything was in order.

The matches got under way with all teams trying their best to score as many points as possible and take home the mighty trophy. Byerley Park looked to be leading the way with 3 wins in their first 3 matches and scoring a mighty 18 goals! However, Coxhoe and Aycliffe weren’t too far behind and still within a chance of grasping that 1st place position.

All teams were still fighting until the last whistle and produced some great quality passing, moving and shooting. The last few matches were very tense as Coxhoe strived to another victory and Aycliffe Village managed to defeat Byerley Park with an amazing 2-1 victory. But how would these results impact the final positions…

netba2The final results wear recorded and the scores were very tight with some final positions being determined by goal difference!

Everyone gathered round for the presentation with help from the lovely Greenfield leaders the results were as follows:

1st – Byerley Park
2nd – Aycliffe Village
3rd – Coxhoe
4th – St Johns
5th – West Cornforth
6th – Ox Close

netba3Most Valuable Player Awards were also giving out to one player from each team to highlight the great effort and difference they had made for their team. Then everyone gathered round for a group photo before heading back to schools.

Big Well Done to Byerley Park and GOOD LUCK from all of us for the School Games Final!

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