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Change4Life Sports Clubs is an exciting programme that aims to harness the inspiration of the Olympic and Paralympic Games to engage less-active* primary and secondary aged school children in physical activity and school sport.

Change4Life Sport Clubs take the principles and specific skills from a range of Olympic and Paralympic sports and place them in a fun, vibrant and exciting activity club giving young people the confidence and competence to take part in lifelong physical activity.

Schools can help engage less-active children in in physical activity and school sport by setting up a Change4Life Sports Club.

Primary clubs
Primary clubs capture the essence of the sport without directly delivering sport-specific content, and are grouped under five multi-sport themes:
•    Adventure
•    Creative
•    Combat
•    Flight
•    Target

To date, the Youth Sport Trust has developed a network of 8,500 school-based sports clubs in England and is looking to have 13,500 clubs set-up by 2015.
The clubs have been designed to give children the necessary skills and confidence to be able to take part in School Games opportunities and become comfortable with competing in their school or against other schools.
The clubs have been funded by the Department of Health in partnership with the Youth Sport Trust.

Older year 5/6 children are encouraged to help at the clubs and are called Change4Life Champions.

We currently have 27 Change 4 Life clubs in our area and all are going very well. We have recently visited the Change 4 Life clubs to get some feedback of how they are doing and to watch what happens in the club. We have been very impressed and pleased at how good and fun they are for the young participants.


Below are some quotes from the participants of the clubs and the staff who deliver the club:


Pupil-“Get to play new games and try new fruits”.

Staff-“It builds the children’s confidence”.


Cleves Cross

Pupil-“It helps you get fit and healthy and it is really fun”.


Byers Green

Staff-“Non active children taking part”.

Staff-“Children who are shy and quiet increase in confidence and make friends”.


Timothy Hackworth

Pupil-“It helps me make new friends and it helps me keep fit”.

Pupil-“We get to play games and go on trips and have fun”.


Aycliffe Village

Coach-“Branching off into their own sports”.

Coach-“quiet children are socialising in school”.


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