Cracking Cricket

What a fantastic start to the last half term of the Summer. Mainsforth Cricket Ground was the venue for 257 pupils as 28 school teams took part in a Girls competition and a Mixed competition of 8-a-side Kwik Cricket. Assisted by Kieran and Adam from Durham Cricket, there were 56 matches played over 12 pitches with the eventual winners qualifying for the County Finals later in the month. Congratulations to St Michael’s (GIRLS) and Sedgefield Primary (MIXED).

FULL RESULTS – Girls Competition

Champions League – 1st St Michael’s A. 2nd Vane Road A, 3rd Sedgefield A, 3rd Sedgefield B

Premier League – 1st Sedgefield Hardwick, 2nd Stephenson Way, 3rd St Mary’s, 4th Chilton

Championship – St Michael’s B, Vane Road B, Coxhoe

FULL RESULTS – Mixed Competition

Champions League – 1st Sedgefield A. 2nd Vane Road B, 3rd Sedgefield Hardwick, 4th Chilton

Premier League – 1st Rosa Street, 2nd Victoria Lane, 3rd Fishburn, 4th St Michael’s

Championship – 1st St Mary’s , 2nd Coxhoe, 3rd St John’s, 4th Stephenson Way

League One – 1st Vane Road A, 2nd St William’s, 3rd Byers Green

League Two – 1st Sedgefield B, 2nd Thornhill