You can now loan equipment free of charge!

Primary Equipment Available:

  • New Age Kurling set
  • Boccia Set
  • Athletics Set (Mini Hurdles, Speed Bounce, Javelins, Shotputs)
  • Tennis Set (10 rackets, 5 tennis balls, 1 net)
  • Flames (1 day)
  • Combat Change 4 Life Bag
  • Badminton Set (10 rackets, 5 shuttlecocks)

 Secondary Equipment Available:

  • Golf Set (13 wedges, 10 putters, training balls, velcro targets, velcro balls, tee off green)
  • New Age Kurling Set
  • Boccia Set

To request to loan equipment email; an arrangement will be made to pick up from Chilton Primary if the equipment is available and is not required by the SSP. The SSP may require the equipment at certain dates throughout the year for events and festivals. The maximum time to loan equipment is one half term, apart from flames which is one day. There is an equipment loan agreement in case of any damage to equipment or if is to be lost, this document will be attached below.

Click Here to see Equipment Loan Agreement