2018-19 SSP Full Calendar


Each event will now contain information regarding tiers and categories to try to ensure we provide a suitable and positive event experience for all children.


    • Tier 1 – Most competitive tier, games will be refereed and rules more strictly adhered to, winners tend to progress to further competitions.  Suitable for most Schools ‘A’ teams.
    • Tier 2 – Less competitive tier, games will be ‘coached’ and advice given, games will still be scored and winners announced.  No progression.  Suitable for smaller school’s, ‘weaker’ year groups in School, B teams.



    • Competition – generally games/matches or races against other schools.
    • Participation – generally rotation of exercises/station based.
    • Mixed Ability – suitable for a whole class or range of pupils
    • Higher Ability – Aimed at your higher ability children, not a full class
    • Lower Ability – Aimed at your lower ability children, not a full class


Information can be found for each event under the categories section in the describtion section of each event page.


We believe that you can teach life skills through sport.  Therefore this year we have, in consultation with our PE co-ordinators in schools, come up with a programme to ensure that we really instil our young people with good values.  We have chosen what values as an SSP and group of schools are important to us and assigned each value an event.

At our events we will be emphasising the value, its importance and how young people can demonstrate the value in sport, in school and in everyday life.  We will be doing this by:

  • Discussing the value and what it means in the opening ceremony
  • Having banners at the event for the value
  • Giving out awards for children who show the value well
  • Revisiting the value and its importance in school and in everyday life in the closing ceremony.

We are encouraging our schools to run activities linked to the values at School before and after the events.  Some ideas include:

  • An assembly at the start of the week with the value as the topic
  • Giving ‘house points’ or similar rewards throughout that week
  • Recognising the achievements of the team/group at the event in a celebration assembly and link back to the value and how they demonstrated it.

These are just a few ideas but we are sure our schools will have more of their own!


Event values will be on the event page and/or in the information sent out prior to festivals.