Sedgefield School Sport Partnership highly value the role of sports leaders in the provision of school sport as well as the role of children and young people gaining life and employability skills.  We have worked actively with local partners to create a County Wide Leadership pathway that young people can follow:

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The follow explains the support at each level of the pathway:

Leadership in Secondary Schools

School Sport Organising Committee’s (SSOC) is an initiative linked to the School Games. School Sport Organising School Sport Organising Committee’s are groups of young people who join together to lead the planning and delivery of school sport clubs and Level 1 (intra) school competition programmes in their school. A SSOC allows pupils in secondary schools to have an input to the school sport offer and support staff in the organisation and promotion of sport in school. The SSOC is a group of young people who work together in specific roles (e.g Chair of the Committee, Media Leader, Research Leader). They influence and shape the school sport offer for their peers by deciding on the types of competitions to be held, their structure and where and when they take place. This helps make the Sainsbury’s School Games even more attractive and accessible for all young people.

Leadership in SSP’s – Sedgefield SSP

The SSP runs a comprehensive programme of school sport festivals which give students in Secondary Schools the opportunity to experience a variety of roles from official, coach, team leader, reporter, photographer to timekeeper. The SSP provides each Secondary School with at least one training event for their leaders to attend prior to leading at an event.

The SSP have teamed up with Whitworth Park Sixth Form to offer a bespoke programme to their students accessing CSLA awards. The students will gain further support and training from the SSP and support SSP events.

Leadership Academy

The Leadership Academy consists of Leaders from across all Secondary Schools in the SSP. Schools are invited to enrol 10-15 leaders on the programme. These leaders selected are the leaders with the highest calibre and commitment in their school. The Leadership Academy is ran partnership with County Durham Sport gives the young people a range of opportunities to become involved in volunteering and improving their skills through training courses. The leaders log their hours volunteered throughout the year and are given award for achieving 50, 100 and 200 hours.  Click here for more information on the event.

Learning Disability Leadership Academy

The aim of the Leadership Academy is to give young people with learning disabilities the opportunity to develop as sports leaders through gaining qualifications and experiences of leading school sport and the School Games.  Click here to go to the event page for more information.

Leadership Champions

Programme for graduates of the Leadership Academy or committed leaders aged 14-19 who are keen to further develop their skills and experience in Coaching, Officiating and/or Media. Each strand includes a specific training package and a level 1 qualification in coaching or officiating. Leaders continue to log their volunteer hours and gain awards.

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PE and School Sport Apprenticeships

Apprentice spend 4 days a week in school and 1 day a week training.  They complete an NVQ level 2 in Activity Leadership in year 1 and there is the opportunity to progress to a Level 3 NVQ in Supporting Teaching and Learning.  Click here to go to the apprenticeship page for more information.

Please contact for additional information on support you can receive for Sports Leadership.