Are you ready for a challenge?

Whether you are spending time in school or you are at home over the next few weeks, Sedgefield SSP would like to invite you to join our Sports Bingo Challenge. If you can get a message to your friends, tell them too – you can all be involved!

Bringing us together through creativity, skill improvement and personal development, all achieved while having some FUN – sport will be important to help us feel fit on the inside as well as on the outside.

As well as posting daily challenges for you all on our SSP Facebook page – our Sports Bingo Challenge board contains a wide range of ideas for you try, some are physical, some are creative and some will need you to do some finding out. The challenges are all colour coded by theme to help you choose

Can you complete a line from top to bottom? A line across? A full house?

It’s not a race to finish fastest; take your time, do your best and improve where you can. Share any photos and videos with us on our facebook page…there might even be some certificates awarded!

Enjoy whatever you choose to try. Please remember to stay safe, follow social distancing advice when you play and listen to the adults who are taking good care of you.

Share with us what you achieve and look out for new BingoBoards and challenges coming soon.